Beat the Pregnancy Blues, Practice Yoga

Pre-Natal Yoga

According to the data revealed by The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, as much as 61 percent maternity patients were reported having history of depression. Pre-natal yoga is a great way to deal with the emotional as well as physical challenges during pregnancy. It is a great way to prepare for child birth. However, it is important to know the right exercises for you as every mom-to-be has different health conditions. Heal-in Sutras prenatal yoga sessions are tailor-made to suit you.

Benefits of Pre-Natal Yoga Sessions

Normal Delivery

Better chances of Normal delivery

Adapt Changes

Effortlessly adapt to changes in the body

Easy Delivery

Better strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles essential for childbirth


Prepares you for labor and delivery, both physically and mentally

A Stronger Bond

Promotes bonding with your growing baby

Avoid Common Issues

Eases common pregnancy discomforts and sleeplessness issues

Pamper Yourself—You Need Some Care Too

Post-Natal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga helps the body to recover from pregnancy and child birth. It restore the body and mind and repairs all tissues. Postnatal yoga can be practiced from four to six weeks after child birth or as advised by your doctor. It helps you to get back into shape and deal with mood swings due to hormonal changes. Heal-In Sutra’s Postnatal Yoga sessions are customized to your needs.

Realignment of Spine

Stimulates Cell Growth and Repair

Reduced Anxiety & Depression

Conditioning Your Abdominal Muscles

Lose Weight Organically

Improves Flexibility Stamina and Endurance

Get on the Fastest Road to Recovery

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga can be defined as applying techniques of yoga to treat a specific issue. It is particularly practiced for those recovering from injury or illness. Restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breathwork, hands-on healing, and guided meditation techniques are combined as therapeutic yoga. Therapeutic Yoga is a meditative experience for persons dealing with stress caused due to an injury or illness. Heal-In Sutra’s Therapeutic Yoga sessions are specifically designed to match your needs. We ensure: Heal-In Sutra’s Therapeutic Yoga sessions are customized to your needs.

Faster Recovery

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Better Flexibility, Improved Muscle Strength and Tone

Weight Management Through Yoga, Diet and Lifestyle Changes.

Treatment of Illness

All Lifestyle Disorders Can Be Treated

Eat Heal-thy

Diet Consulting

Eating right is one way to stay healthy. A mom-to-be and new mother’s nutrition requirement is entirely different from that of a person recovering from an illness. Heal-In Sutras expert diet consultants keep your health requirements in mind while preparing your diet plan.

Add Life to Years

Lifestyle Changes

Healthy living has a great impact on life expectancy. According to researches, benefits of yoga are tangible. Consistent yoga practice can aid in longevity, increased life span, relaxed state of mind, better sleep, and more energy.

Lower Blood Pressure

Yoga can lower systolic blood pressure by 26 points in just three months.

Builds Immunity

Helps build immunity and protects from diseases like flu.

A Survivor

Just 12 weeks yoga decrease inflammatory markers in breast cancer survivors.

Daily Yoga Turns A Fit Body

One month of yoga practice can decrease average respiratory rate from 13.4 to 7.6 breaths per minute in people suffering lung problems.

Low Cholesterol

Yoga lowers cholesterol levels by 23 percent.

Ageless Skin

Daily yoga practice delays aging process and increase lifespan.

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