UncategorizedWhat isn’t safe to consume during pregnancy

What isn’t safe to consume during pregnancy

  1. Alcohol – There’s no way to know how much alcohol is safe so it’s safest to avoid it completely
  2. Caffeine – Caffeine found in tea, coffee, and some soft drinks, crosses the placenta to reach your baby.
  3. Raw, under-cooked non-vegetarian food – Raw or under-cooked meats may contain a parasite.
  4. Eggs – Raw, runny, and under-cooked eggs.
  5. Fish and seafood- Some types of fish contain unsafe levels of mercury, which can affect your baby’s nervous system. Raw seafood may contain bacteria, parasites, and worms.
  6.  Liver and liver products – The Liver may contain large amounts of retinol, the animal form of vitamin A.
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