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Exercises to avoid during pregnancy

There are plenty of exercises that are great for pregnant women. Most physical activity is perfectly safe during pregnancy. However, there are a few exercises you’ll want to avoid:

  1. Sports that carry a higher risk of falling or abdominal injury
  2. Sports that involve altitude change. Avoid any activity that takes you up more than 6,000 feet.
  3. Scuba Diving: Poses a risk of decompression sickness for your baby, is also off-limits.
  4. Exercises that involve lying flat on your back for long periods are off-limits after the fourth month.
  5. Advanced abdominal moves, like full sit-ups or double leg lifts, can pull on the abdomen.
  6. Exercise in super-hot weather: Any exercise or environment that raises your body temperature more than 1.5 degrees F should be avoided.
  7. Backbends or other contortions, as well as movements that involve deep flexion or extension of joints.
  8. Jumping, bouncing, and sudden, jerky motions.
  9. Excessive or bouncy stretching. Since your ligaments are already looser, pregnancy isn’t the time to force a split.
  10. Holding your breath is never recommended during pregnancy. Both you and your baby need a constant flow of oxygen
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