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When should one start doing Prenatal sessions?

Prenatal sessions can be started post 14 weeks of pregnancy or as per your doctor’s advice.

When should one start with Postnatal sessions?

Postnatal Yoga can be started after 6 weeks of delivery or as advised by your doctor.

How Prenatal Yoga works?

Prenatal yoga is mainly Trimester wise. During the first trimester, prenatal yoga is focused on breathing and meditation, Second Trimester yoga is focused on abdominal back muscles, and third-trimester yoga is mainly about pelvic floor muscle exercises.

What is offered in the PreNatal, Postnatal, and Therapeutic sessions?

We offer customized yoga sessions with a holistic approach for your overall wellbeing by integrating diet plans and lifestyle changes as per our client’s body and health needs.

Is Yoga safe during pregnancy?

Yes! You are under the guidance and supervision of teachers who are experts with extensive experience in Prenatal Yoga & certified from reputed institutes.

Who conducts the sessions from Heal-In Sutras?

Heal-In Sutras pays a lot of attention while hiring trainers. Our trainers are certified by reputed institutes and have a minimum of three years of experience. The trainer’s selection percentage is in the range of 10-15%.

What all is covered under Therapeutic Yoga?

From basic to some severe illnesses, Lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Thyroid, Sciatica, Constipation, Headache, Obesity, etc. are dealt with.

How is the effectiveness of the sessions are ensured?

Sessions are tailor-made according to your health and body type to ensure quick and effective results and we do not just cater to the ailments but work on eradicating the root cause of the problem.

How can I avail a free demo session?

You may contact us or share your details in the ‘Request a call back’ section. We encourage you to attend our free demo session before opting for a paid session. We follow no questions asked policy if you did not like our sessions and we promise not to disturb you if you do not wish to join.

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